Oppose Posie Parker - No Nazis, No Transphobes

Sonntag, 28 Mai

Oppose Posie Parker - No Nazis, No Transphobes

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MEET POINT: Hyde Park, 7th of July memorial, 11.30AM. MASK UP: cover face, hair & distinguishing features like tattoos Prep for a protest at least 3 hours long. Bring a snack, water, and useful items like Umbrellas, placards, thing to make noise Most important: BRING A FRIEND

Posie is a mega grifter and con artist as well as a real shit in many ways - posieisafascist.com , buddying up with several far-right groups. We aren't gonna let them just have a nice day out. Remember these demos rely on being NOISY, LIVELY AND MILITANT. Be there, be loud, and be ready to stand your ground against far right violence. The TERFs have relied on genuine street fascists to try and start brawls on every prior demo.

As always, mask up (grey bloc) and bring your flags and friends. We'll be loud, present and united. If you can't make it, tell your friends - including your cis friends. Show up for each other!

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Sonntag, 28 Mai, 2023 - 11:30


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LAFA is a grassroots autonomous and non-hierarchichal collection of individuals committed to building a mass anti-fascist movement in London that is accessible and militant.