Rethinking Class in the 21st Century: The Education System and Class Hierarchy

Samstag, 10 Juni

Rethinking Class in the 21st Century: The Education System and Class Hierarchy

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Part of a series of events on class relations in the UK today. For information on the whole series of events for Rethinking Class in the 21st Century, see here.


The idea of a ‘good education’, or lack thereof, is often bound up with class and ideas of ‘social mobility.’ Are modern and classic perceptions of the ‘educated’ person reflective of genuine intelligence or a complicated system of taught behaviors. How much of what we imagine as ‘education’ is actually related to the acquiring of knowledge and how much of it is a particular way of walking and talking, drilled into a select few at elite institutions? How does the culture of ‘aspiration’ inform our ideas of education?

Dan will be joined by Michaela Rafferty who has worked on various youth projects in her home city of Belfast with young people outside of education, training and employment, on personal development, good relations, peace and reconciliation and citizenship projects. Michaela has also worked overseas on women’s empowerment projects in Tajikistan, youth rights projects in Palestinian refugee camp in The West Bank of Palestine and in refugee camps across Greece. She is currently working as a Youth Engagement and Campaigns Organiser for Just For Kids Law.

**Please note: these events will NOT be taking place at Housmans, but at a nearby events space, the St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre, directly behind the British Library, and adjoining the Francis Crick Institute**

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Samstag, 10 Juni, 2023 - 15:00 bis 16:30
5 Caledonian Road King's Cross
N1 9DX
Vereinigtes Königreich


Two minute walk from King's Cross/St.Pancras terminals

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