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(Dědictví aneb Kurvahošigutntág)
Directed by Vera Chytilová
120 minutes
In Czech with English subtitles

After the so-called velvet revolution, when Czechoslovakia made a transition from Communism to American-style capitalism, many of the rebellious filmmakers who had caused a stir under the old regime became softies and lost all of their critical edge. But two directors didn't... Vera Chytilová (Daisies) and the animator Jan Svankmajer.

This was Vera Chytilová's first film after the "revolution" and it's a sharp critique of the blossoming of consumer capitalism. The wild actor Bolek Polívka portrays a young Moravian villager who suddenly becomes a millionaire overnight from a mysterious inheritance. He's brilliant in the role. In this black comedy we watch as he is transformed from a lazy countryside bumpkin into an outright asshole, all because of his newly acquired wealth and power.

Fuckoffguysgoodday was received with a storm of interest, and has remained one of the most popular Czech comedies of all time. It was able to dig deep down and touch the poetic Czech soul, and many people still recite lines from it 30 years later. A hilarious dark comedy, with a biting message that is more important today than ever. It has barely ever been shown in the West, so this is yet another extraordinarily rare screening!

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Montag, 27 März, 2023 - 20:30


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De Nieuwe Anita
Frederik Hendrikstraat 111
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Informal cinema in the basement of a cosy concert venue called De Nieuwe Anita, a former school building that was once squatted and is now legalised. All films in English or with English subtitles.


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Monday nights. Programme starts at 8.30 sharp. Be there early to get a (good) seat.
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