Sysimusta Pispala

Sysimusta Pispala

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The anarchist counterculture festival Musta Pispala takes place every year in July in Tampere, Pispala. In February 2023 there will also be a mini festival Sysimusta (Pitch Black) Pispala!
The festival’s program consists of concerts and various workshops, and the goal of the festival is to dismantle the power structures that produce oppression and build together something better instead, such as anti-capitalist, feminist and anti-racist ways of working together.
In addition, the goals of the festival are to act as a networking place anarchist, anti-authoritarian, feminist, anti-racist and between groups and individuals active in the environmental struggle.
We also want to build a festival that is as inclusive and accessible as possible and promote their realization in our organization more broadly.
The festival is built by volunteers and does not make a profit, and it is organized by a small team whose composition changes every year. The program of the festival is mostly produced by the participants themselves, and the program can be provided by anyone.

No age limit! *
No nazis!
All workshops are free!


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