19. Feministyczno-queerowa Akcja Letnia 2023

Freitag, 21 Juli bis Sonntag, 30 Juli

FAL Feminist Queer Summer Camp 2023

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The XIX Feminist-Queer Summer Action will take place from 21.07 – 30.07.2023 at the Place for Positive Initiatives Kacze Bagno (Warmia).

Want to find out if FAL is right for you? Take the feminist holiday test!

  • Do you want to meet in person the people who make up the most enduring feminist initiative in Poland?
  • Or are you looking for inspiration for feminist action?
  • Want to take a break from the noise, the smog, the concrete? Or are you simply comfortable in nature?
  • Are you active, working, studying and/or bringing up children? Retired? On sick leave?
  • Or do you live outside Poland now and miss it?
  • Want to take part in yoga, WenDo, classes and discussions around the most pressing feminist issues, film screenings, feminist D.Y.. I., radical actions, dance, create even the most utopian visions of the world, reclaim your body and voice?
  • Are you looking for a place that is accessible to different people (including those with disabilities, low income)?
  • Want to make new friends, spend time with a fascinatingly diverse group from Poland and beyond?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, then FALa is the place for you!


When: 21-30 July 2023
Where: Place of Positive Initiatives Kacze Bagno in Warmia
Initiators: informal group Sister Street


What is FALa?

The Feminist-Queer Summer Action is an educational and development initiative with accommodation under tents or in a dormitory, for approximately 65 women** and children.

FALa is a COMMUNITY where we interact with each other, talk, learn and take care of each other (supporting each other, cooking, cleaning), play, dance, dream. Every few days we all meet together and talk about how to put the ideas of FALa into practice.

FALa IS DEVELOPMENT AND ACTION: during FALa there are workshops, social actions, film screenings, discussions: from the history and theory of feminism, to WenDo workshops, to movement activities and learning how to repair bicycles. Each person can take part in around 40 hours of activities. Children have a separate programme.

FALa is NON-COMMERCIAL, not for-profit generation. Your entire contribution goes towards providing you with a place to sleep, classes, food, cleaning supplies and materials for the workshops. Participants contributions will also cover the costs of running the children activities, the participation of assistants for people with disabilities and interpreters (FALi will most likely involve Polish and/or Russian speakers). The organisation of FALa and the running of the activities are on a reciprocal exchange basis.

FALa strives to be ACCESSIBLE for people of all abilities, for people experiencing visual, hearing and mobility disabilities: the ground floor of both buildings, including the toilet, is wheelchair accessible.

FALa’s ideas and values:



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Freitag, 21 Juli, 2023 - 08:00 bis Sonntag, 30 Juli, 2023 - 23:00


  • Internationaler Aufruf


  • Aktion/Protest/Camp
  • Kurs/Workshop
  • Treffen


  • Feminismus
  • feminist camp
  • queer


  • weniger als 5 €


Kacze Bagno
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Ulica Siostrzana jest grupą nieformalną, zawiązaną w lutym 2001 roku przez dziewczyny* i kobiety* działające w różnych organizacjach lub poza organizacjami. Łączy nas to, że jesteśmy feministkami i chcemy zmieniać otaczającą nas rzeczywistość tak, żeby nam i innym osobom żyło się lepiej.


  • Aktion/Protest/Camp / Kurs/Workshop / Treffen