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mačjak was an anarcha-queer space. it was opened in spring of 2022, aproximately a year after the long standing autonomous factory ROG was violetnly evicted. mačjak was a small selforganized, non-hierarchical and non-commercial squat, constructed for the needs of its users. the land used to be owned by the DUTB, now it's in the private hands of investors, who work 24/7 to gentrify every little piece of ljubljana that hasnt been yet turned into a parking lot, shopping mall or a luxury hotel. the small anarcha group who ran the space is organizing and hosting discussions and workshops, offering a space to meet for assemblies, there was also a library and a merch corner with locally handpicked teas, patches, stickers and other propaganda material. mačjak was not a living squat.

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  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • exhibition
  • film
  • meeting
  • work space/diy


Parmova 1312


Presently squatted
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