Every Saturday: vegan eatingcafe

Samstag, 8 April

Every Saturday: vegan eatingcafe

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Every Saturday the chefs create a delicious vegan meal.

The bar opens at 17.00h.
Food is ready round 18.00h.
The price for a meal is 7,50 euro.

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Samstag, 8 April, 2023 - 17:00


  • Kneipe/Café
  • Essen
  • Treffen


  • weniger als 5 €
Middelstegracht 36
2312TX Leiden

Resistor is a new venue & eatingcafe in Leiden. At the same time it is the continuation of all the events (cinema, eatingcafe, info-nights, concerts etc.) that were organized at Vrijplaats Leiden. In the past those events were held in a temporary situation.


  • Kneipe/Café / Ausstellung / Film / Essen / Treffen / Musik/Konzert / Party

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Every Saturday there is an eatingcafe in the bar/restaurant.
The venue itself is only open during events (info night, cinema, concert, etc.).