No Justice No Pizza: The Big Return!

Freitag, 1 April

No Justice No Pizza: The Big Return!

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Berlin Migrant Strikers invite all of you to the big coming back of the monthly SoliPizza event in collaboration with Rote Insel!

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Freitag, 1 April, 2022 - 19:00


  • Essen
Rote Insel
Mansteinstr. 10
10783 Berlin

Rote Insel  

No cops, no nazis, no racists, no sexists, no trans-/ homophobous.

trying to become a safer / braver space


  • Kneipe/Café / Essen / Treffen / Musik/Konzert / Party

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Friday-Pizaaaaa (door opens around 7 pm)


Other days: Ever changing programm, incredible food, cheap drinks, nice people, check here on stressfaktor or Twitter @roteinselberlin

Corona Policy: Please come tested!

Awareness: We are constantly working on a safer / braver space, (check