Blade and blacksmithing workshop

Mittwoch, 3 November bis Freitag, 31 Dezember

Blade and blacksmithing workshop

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Learn how to forge a blade with a life time warranty, which would have a price tag of 200 euro. Use of either a simple improvised forge ( easy to do) or in a blade Smith's workshop near by ( still to be organized ). A previous workshop like that has been done by me in AKC Medika.
Bring some 15 kg of char coal and eventually pliers and hammers.

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Mittwoch, 3 November, 2021 (Ganztägig) bis Freitag, 31 Dezember, 2021 (Ganztägig)


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  • Arbeitsplatz/Selbermachen


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AKC Nigdjezemska
Ulica Stjepana Radića
23000 Zadar


Presently squatted

Autonomous cultural Centre Nigdjezemska - Civil initiative which occupied and restored a ruinous boiler room in the ex-military barracks “Stjepan Radić” in Zadar, Croatia.


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