Food Coop a film by Tom Boothe

Montag, 1 November

Food Coop a film by Tom Boothe

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Biobulkbende is pleased to welcome you to a screening of Food Coop, an inspiring documentary about how food co-operatives work! The screening will take place at 20:00 on the 1st of November at Wijkcoop010/ZOHO (Zomerhofstraat 75, 3032CK, Rotterdam). The film is in English with English subtitles. For more informations and the trailer visit Here's an introduction to the film taken from their website:

"The Most Successful Supermarket in New York City Has Zero Customers and 17,000 Workers. Every day in Brooklyn, hundreds of busy New Yorkers walk past Whole Foods or dozens of other grocery stores promoting natural and organic foods to work at a small supermarket that does no marketing and never holds sales—and yet makes more money per square foot than any other grocery store in New York City . The secret of the Park Slope Food Coop’s more than 40 years of success is simple: to shop there, all 17,000 members—rich and poor, old and young, from every culture and race in the city—have to put in three hours a month of work.

Food Coop explores how ordinary people working together can upend the received wisdom of corporate America. Instead of treating shoppers as cash cows to be milked dry through infantalizing and manipulative marketing schemes, the Park Slope Food Coop believes in making its shoppers real stakeholders —literally the store’s sole shareholders— expected to shoulder the banal responsibilities that keep the massive machine going: receiving deliveries, cleaning floors and grease traps, putting stickers on produce, shelving cans, cutting cheese, putting spices in bags, scanning and weighing groceries—and standing at the exit to check the receipts of shoppers, who are almost physically forced the store by the constant crowds. It’s brutal, simple cooperative commerce—and no grocery store in New York City can touch its success."

This event is free and open to the public so please feel welcome to come along. Donations are welcome and, according with the director, we will provide a suggested contribution.

The screening is organised by the Rotterdam-based food co-operative Biobulkbende ( and hosted by Wijkcoop010 (

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Montag, 1 November, 2021 - 22:00


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