Inicjatywa 8 Marca

Inicjatywa 8 Marca

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We are a grassroots, feminist, queer collective working in Wrocław since 2012. We are mostly focused on organizing Manifas – feminist demos taking place around 8th of March which is International Women Day. But, it is not the only thing we do, we organize movie screenings, discussions, bike workshops and other things that come to our minds as well.

We perceive feminism and queer as a struggle for equality of many kinds. We fight against social and economical inequality, individual and structural violence. Our collective stands for the commons, reproductive rights including access to free and safe abortion for everyone, workers’ rights and tenants’ rights.

We cooperate with collectives from all around the world, as well as other Polish feminist groups that organize Manifas. Politicians excluded. The group is not a formal organization as we don’t want it to be. We are autonomous, we don’t depend on grants, and repressive NGO law does not apply to us. We want to create a space free from patriarchy, authority and economic exploitation.

Democratic and egalitarian way of working is an important issue in our group. Our decisions are based on consensus. We debate instead of voting.

We are not a closed group – you can join our collective. You just need to share our values, accept rules we set together (which are constantly discussed and might be changed) and attend meetings.

Join us! Let’s fight together!


  • action/protest/camp
  • advice/help/office hours
  • discussion/presentation


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Tadeusza Rejtana 3
50-015 Wrocław
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