Rassemblement de solidarité à la ZAD de Arlon

Dienstag, 16 März

Solidarity rally for the ZAD in Arlon

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Meeting on Tuesday March 16th at 6pm at the Friche Josaphat (and everywhere else this week!)

The ZAD was evicted yesterday. Many of us have received yesterday morning a text message, an email, a phone call or have "checked the net" informing us that the occupants of the ZAD of Arlon had been evicted early this morning by the local forces of disorder with the support of the federal police. 150 armed cops, with the support of armored vehicles, to wake up and arrest about ten occupants of the zone and their friends. We won't come back on the images communicated and relayed by the press and/or diffused by the cops... Except that we want to know how much all this costs! :)

Whether we have been there or not, this area in struggle of the province as well as the Josaphat wasteland and many others, in the countryside as well as in the city, have become symbols here as elsewhere, of what is happening right now under our eyes: an old world in agony that defends its privileges in front of new worlds that go on the offensive to protect the common. The sad old world is evicting, destroying and privatizing forests and old buildings in the cities, while the new worlds are occupying and defending forests and squatting in buildings for solidarity housing in the city.

The Zablière d'Arlon is not an isolated and unique situation. In our cities, our countryside and our neighborhoods, the logic of predation of our living spaces for economic profitability prevails over the respect of the living. The ZAD of Arlon is (still) part of these places that inspire revolts, desires of life and collective creation in the face of bullshit.

From the preservation of the Josaphat wasteland to the fight against the establishment of Alibaba in Liege, from the maxi-prison in Haren to the fight against closed centers, from the fight against dams in Latin America, to the fight against road bypasses, zonings, luxury housing and other areas developed by the developers of the old world; it is also in solidarity against all these deadly projects that we invite you to join us!

In the streets, in the forests, in the fields and in the cities, territorial struggles are everywhere!
Let's be in solidarity everywhere.


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Dienstag, 16 März, 2021 - 18:00


  • Aktion/Protest/Camp
Friche Josaphat
Avenue Gustave Latinis, Schaerbeek

The Friche Josaphat is a wasteland located on the border between Schaerbeek and Evere. Only a small part of the wasteland - at the level of number 152 of the Latinis avenue - is today occupied by various activities, convivial, artistic and vegetable gardens.


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