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Sanya السانية - whose HQ is an occupation in Jette, is a project of return to the earth, a return to our ancestral traditions, an insertion in nature as an element of this said nature, to respect it, to respect the other organisms/ beings/ elements being part of this nature, to respect its cycles and to respect ourselves.
This project has as ambitions, in the short and medium term, to tend towards a self-sufficiency in food, clothing, intellectual and artistic. In the long term to think, reflect, test the system in which we want to live. This project is not an alternative project, it is what must become the norm. A vital necessity for the future.


  • discussion/presentation
  • food
  • meeting
  • work space/diy
35 Rue Léopold Procureur - Léopold Procureurstraat, Esseghem - Essegem, Jette


Presently squatted
There are no upcoming events.