Maison du Peuple

Maison du Peuple

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A first Maison du Peuple (MDP) located on rue Jules Ferry in Doulon was squatted in July 2018. Another MDP, was occupied at the beginning of October 2019, located in the city center, Chapeau Rouge street, in the former college Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil. The MDP located on Chapeau Rouge is evicted on July 28, 2021.

"Regarding the new Maison Du Peuple on rue Chapeau Rouge, we are currently in negotiations with the owner, who is none other than the Diocese of Nantes, who also owns the Jeannne-Bernard gymnasium.... We fear an illegal eviction of this new place by the Prefect and this is why we need support. We have started the cleaning and are in a position to host the next assemblies... Fraternity and solidarity are more necessary than ever."
"The collective is approaching the bishop with a view to obtaining a temporary lease that would precede the transformation work at the end of 2020. ...] This owner is the diocese through its subsidiary Providence, which manages its considerable patrimony. It also includes the Jeanne Bernard gymnasium, which was granted a delay. […]. The Maison du Peuple demands a legally regulated status. It intends to be in a position to plan ahead, to prepare for a winter that could be harsh, to propose links between all within a shared place that seems more necessary than ever. Knowing the adage about God and his saints, it is Monsignor the Bishop directly and the believing community of the diocese and beyond, who are solicited and questioned about this situation".
"We function as an autonomous social center: in addition to welcoming the public in difficulty, we offer a free clothing store based on donations, a library, French courses, administrative assistance, a collective kitchen. Above all, it is a place of convergence, a social link, where generations meet, a place of fraternity and many other things".
"We continue to ask for a building from the town hall, but still without any answer from them. We are looking to you to request a hearing so that we can negotiate the possibility of granting a temporary lease for one year, until September 30th 2020, or until work begins".


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Maison du Peuple
17 rue Louis Préaubert / rue du Chapeau Rouge
44000 Nantes


Evicted squat
15 rue Jules Ferry, Doulon
44300 Nantes


Evicted squat
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