build a transnational network!

Dienstag, 22 September

build a transnational network!

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Until we see each other again online networks and meetings are a strange form of togetherness. Many questions arise: How can we interact across and beyond borders? How can we provide enough resources for these levels of collaboration while already the work we do in our own community, region, city, place, home takes in a lot of energy and time?
And still, we have got the vision and we know that change can and needs to grow in many places. That we can learn from each other and that it is necessary to think all different local/regional/national/transnational/global timelines together, to see and get a picture of how things are connected - and how big the current need is to exchange and connect our struggles.

Towards a utopia, a society in which a good life for all is possible. Towards affinity beyond borders - to create radical friendships that do not only concern the political sphere but also the personal - as they are interwoven. We need allyships so we can overcome patriarchy, capitalism, race, class, and all forms of oppression.


next date: Sept 22th, 6pm CEST

mail to if you want to join (incl. short info about yourself/ your group/ etc.)


Meeting structure:

- introduction round

- the exchange about recent events and developments

- perspectives from different places and groups

- discussion

- setting date + time for next meeting and if there is a wish for a specific topic


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Datum & Zeit: 

Dienstag, 22 September, 2020 - 18:00 bis 20:00


  • Internationaler Aufruf


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Eine Initiative um auf die politischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen von COVID-19 und die begleitenden Maßnahmen zu reagieren – digital und vor Ort.

An initiative to respond to the political and social impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying measures – digitally and on site.


  • Aktion/Protest/Camp / Beratung/Hilfe/Sprechstunde / Buch-/Infoladen/Bücherei / Treffen / Arbeitsplatz/Selbermachen