Atga Aramaixoko Gazte Asanbladie

Atga Aramaixoko Gazte Asanbladie

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We created ATGA in 2002 with the aim of strengthening the participation of young people in the town. To liven up the town, we organize various activities: mountain walks, workshops, conferences, video screenings, concerts, festivals, mobilizations…
We are organized through general assemblies, and these are the main decision-making areas. However, we carry out our projects through the subgroups we create at the moment. The main challenge today is to continue to strengthen the youth assembly, both in terms of involvement and in terms of the activities and actions we organize. In addition, we currently have two other goals:
1.- Construction of a gaztetxe to meet the need for a free space.
2.- To break the power structures, to declare war on the church and similar institutions.


  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • film
  • food
  • meeting
  • music/concert
  • party


Atga Aramaixoko Gazte Asanbladie
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