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Samstag, 5 September bis Sonntag, 6 September

5th Warsaw Independent Bookfair

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The 5th Annual Warsaw Independent Bookfair 2020
Ada Puławska, Warsaw, 5-6/09/2020

We invite you to take part in the 5th edition of the Warsaw Independent Bookfair, which will be held September 5-6, 2020 in the alternative culture centre, A.D.A. Puławska.
If you’re writing, printing, translating, illustrating or organizing, running a library, researching or simply, just like us, you like books, help us in supporting independent publishers and book self-organization. We invite you to the bookfair which will include discussions, lectures, workshops, and concerts.
The situation is special this year as the world is facing the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is exacerbating social inequalities. Ineffective actions of governments and many years of neglecting health and social policy have led to tragic consequences and leaving people from groups already experiencing exclusion and discrimination in an even worse situation. Anger, helplessness and frustration sparked a wave of new grassroots solidarity movements based on mutual-aid. Building a support network, defining your needs and borders, also teaches us how to find a balance in our actions and struggles for a better world. Thanks to this, we were able to see not only each other, but also ourselves as part of a larger, connected wholeness. In this context, we cannot forget about nature and the planet as an ecosystem of which we are part. We would like to organize this year's Bookfair around these topics.
The event will be accompanied by meetings during which topics currently related to independent publishing houses and grassroots initiatives will be discussed, and which are in line with the idea of ​​the 5th Independent Book Fair. It is open to the message of equality involving the voice of the excluded. It will be a space to share our experiences together, learn from each other, respectfully discuss alternatives and look critically at contemporary reality.
We are eagerly waiting for applications until August 10, 2020, at warsawbookfair [at] riseup.net – there you can send all workshop, discussion or presentation proposals, questions, and comments about the event.
We will not be able to cover your travel expenses, but we do not charge a stand fee. The fair is free for visitors. In order to be able to effectively ensure the safety of both the participants and ourselves, this year we can offer a limited number of stands. We also made a decision to reduce the duration of the Bookfair to one day - Saturday (09/05) - devoting the rest of the weekend to on-line meetings and debates. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your event proposals.
The Warsaw Independent Bookfair Collective


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Samstag, 5 September, 2020 - 12:00 bis Sonntag, 6 September, 2020 - 21:00


  • Kneipe/Café
  • Buch-/Infoladen/Bücherei
  • Kinderaktivität
  • Kurs/Workshop
  • Diskussion/Vortrag
  • Essen
  • (Umsonst)Laden/Markt
  • Treffen


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ADA Puławska
Puławska 37


Former squat, now legalised

A.D.A. PUŁAWSKA is alternative space located in Warsaw, acting as an autonomous socio-cultural center. A.D.A.PUŁAWSKA relies entirely on grass-roots social activity.


  • Kneipe/Café / Buch-/Infoladen/Bücherei / Kinderaktivität / Kurs/Workshop / Diskussion/Vortrag / Ausstellung / Film / Essen / (Umsonst)Laden/Markt / Treffen / Musik/Konzert / Party / Theater / Arbeitsplatz/Selbermachen