Polk Funk Fuck Up

Freitag, 24 Januar

Polk Funk Fuck Up

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With the political climate being as it is, we decided to calm the masses with a fluffy, lovely, folky..

Naa I'm fucking with ya...

Sharp Knives, Efa Supertramp and Manifiesta are on tour!!
With support from The Lab Rats and Mollusca, we are starting as we mean to go on this year with an absolute banger!

Donations, as always go to some great causes, including - but definitely not limited to - keeping some damn fine bands on the road :)

Venue will be announced nearer the time, so check for updates.

See you in the pit! 

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Freitag, 24 Januar, 2020 - 19:00


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Squat show - email sharpknives@disroot.org for the address
Vereinigtes Königreich

Sharp Knives are a Lisbon based DIY anarcho-folk punk band. 


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