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Anarchy Art

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B.seV and .Tiff merge polar realities, explore commonalities and question structeres.
Anarchy Art is a collective manifestation. A non-profit and non-hierarchical foundation organising multidisciplinary fests, filled with punk music, performances & acts and Anarchistic art.

Aiming to:
i) Create an inclusive platform for bands, artists and creators, whom clash with commercial/white cube spaces, to autonomously engage with, develop from and contribute to.
ii) Create a [sub]cultural space where anarchists, punks, outcasts and nonconformists can come together, share knowledge and collectively fight for the urgency for alternative cultural and artistic spaces.

Our primary location is Roodkapje Rotterdam, but we also seek to collaborate with independant spaces and venues.

Besides the Fests, we organise community and art gatherings in our semi-public workspace.

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  • party
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Anarchy Art Atelier
1e IJzerstraat 115
3024XR Rotterdam
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