Cecco Rivolta

Cecco Rivolta

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Cecco Rivolta was born on 24 june 2000, we were all college students away from home ... for reasons not directly related to economic need, but to create a fun alternative to the usual student and precarious situations ... in reality, the economic justification there was in Florence as in other cities, the suppression of a fair rent has meant a rise in rents and this affects mostly the weaker sections in particular speculation on students and workers, while in Europe they talked about "guaranteed minimum income", this income we have taken it by eliminating the rent from our own expense, for the chance to spend time and money on what we liked to do. For 10 years we have dinner together with things purchased through our kitty, we have hosted over half the world, have stayed here also Israeli draft dodgers ... our house is open and we share what we have. We do not belong to a single ideology, we have some similarities, but each took different paths political and existential, and they all made their contribution, and this has been a strength for us.


  • action/protest/camp
  • work space/diy
Cecco Rivolta
Via Pietro Dazzi n°3
50141 Firenze


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