Glasgow Autonomous Book Fair

Samstag, 2 März

Glasgow Autonomous Book Fair

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GAS will be hosting a Book Fair on Saturday 2nd March 2019. We have now run out of space and time for additional stalls, discussions/talks and workshops (2nd February 2019).

The idea is for the book fair is to reflect the ethos of GAS, fighting capitalism and other forms of oppression, non-hierarchical organising, and the diversity of the people and organisations who use GAS, but also about things unique to Glasgow.

So far we have stalls from AK Press, Books By Broads, PM Press and the Spirit Of Revolt Archive. We are planning workshops from Herbal Unity (navigating the N.H.S. for people caught up in the immigration system), a printing workshop, and badge making. We are hoping to have a workshop based on the book, 'Advertising Shits In Your Head'.

We want to get away from some of the habitual things you get at anarchist/radical type book fairs that have made them not very diverse in the past. Given recent events at these book fairs we want to stress here at GAS that we don't support transphobia and are explicitly in support of reform to the gender recognition act and of people's right to self identify their gender.

TStalls 11am–5pm
A.K. Press
Anarchist Federation
Aye-Aye Books
Books By Broads
Chav Solidarity
Community Badge Making
Couriers Network + IWW
Go Vegan Scotland
Hex Distro
Moral Decay Distro
Not Your Fault
Radical Transfeminism Zine
Shy Radicals
Sisters UnCut
Spirit of Revolt Archive
Stories for Strangers
Unity Centre
Writers 4 Utopia Zines
Zarf Poetry
+ more to be confirmed.

​Discussions and Talks 11am-5pm
Go Vegan Scotland
Shy Radicals
Sisters UnCut
Ubuntu Women Shelter
+ more to be confirmed.

Workshops 11am–5pm
Badge Making - 11am
Printing - 12 noon
Bicycle - 1pm
Collective Comic Making - 2pm
Singing - 3pm
Poetry - 4pm

Kid's Space
Rattle Library

Datum & Zeit: 

Samstag, 2 März, 2019 - 11:00 bis 23:00


  • Internationaler Aufruf


  • Buch-/Infoladen/Bücherei
  • Kurs/Workshop
  • Diskussion/Vortrag
  • Treffen


  • Bookfair


Glasgow Autonomous Space
Unit 11
53 Kilbirnie Street
G5 8JD
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​​​Glasgow Autonomous Space (GAS) is an autonomous social centre that provides space for groups working to fight capitalism and other forms of oppression. GAS was established in 2016 when we took on the lease of a large warehouse building in Tradeston, Glasgow. It was a daunting prospect!


  • Kneipe/Café / Buch-/Infoladen/Bücherei / Kurs/Workshop / Diskussion/Vortrag / Film / Essen / Treffen / Musik/Konzert / Party / Arbeitsplatz/Selbermachen

Öffnungszeiten : 

Tuesday, 12pm, Unity World Cafe
Tuesday 4pm–6pm, Herbal Unity
Tuesday 4pm–7pm, Circle bike project
Tuesday 5pm–8pm, Rattle Library
Tuesday 6pm–8pm, The Unity language exchange
Tuesday 6pm–9pm GAS drop-in
Wednesday from 7:30pm, Ensemble On Peut
Every second Friday in the evening, Vegan People's Kitchen