Free Yoga with Kauil + Meditation with John

Montag, 15 Oktober

Free Yoga with Kauil + Meditation with John

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YOGA: 18:15-19:45
MEDITATION: 20:00-21:00
I encourage everyone to come to a fun and interactive experience with what I call universal yoga. I hope to share the practice through a progressive flow between postures, always focusing on a safe alignment with your own body type. Depending on who comes to class, we will decide what we can work towards in class!
If it’s your first yoga class, great! And I hope to gide a full balanced practice to all type of practitioners who may come to this experience.
A mental and fisical chalange to find the soul is always a good approach…. and it can also just be a fun contact with the self. Wait for everyone in class!
Practical info:
– The lesson is for free or give what you can.
– it is advisable if you can bring your own mat or towel. We have also 10 mats available, first come first served.
– Bring your sports clothes an empty stomach and your positive mood.
-De Vondelbunker is actually an underground culture, autonomous spaces where many different events occur. It is not a yoga studio. The floor might not be sparkling clean. We try to clean it the best we can before the lesson if you want to come earlier and help.
Do you have other questions?
– For further info, send an email to
Doors will open at 18:00 and we will start the class at 18.15
Mindfulness is a meditation practice of relating to moment-to-moment experience in ways that reduce stress, brings focus and calm.
Come and join for a guided meditation session where we practice 3 skills:
* Concentration * anchoring attention on the breath, and returning to the breath each time the mind wanders (it will always wander!)
* Composure * The skill of being present with, for example, a pain in the knee, or a difficult emotion, without getting distracted by thoughts about what is going on.
* Clarity * noticing, connecting to the felt sensations in the body.
We have some mats and small cushions, but do bring your own mat/towel/cushion if possible! Wear warm clothes..
Free entrance and donations are appreciated.
For more info PM Yoga De Verrekijker or send an email to
Doors open at 19:45 and we will close them at 20.00. We start at 20.00. Please try to be on time.

Datum & Zeit: 

Montag, 15 Oktober, 2018 - 18:00 bis 21:00
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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