SOUL SPA: Raafberg, Personal Trainer, LY Foulidis

Freitag, 14 September bis Samstag, 15 September

SOUL SPA: Raafberg, Personal Trainer, LY Foulidis

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Are you bored?
Do you suffer from the post-vacation workload stress syndrome, desperately looking for distraction?
Or do you simply want a super nice evening?
Then treat yourself to an evening at the – S O U L – S P A – .
In our blissful surroundings, we offer three splendid soul treatments:
R A A F B E R G : Known to some as the Soul Whisperer, this Berlin-Amsterdam based nomad treats your ear and your heart with dynamical stories. Mixing old school bossa nova jazz and rhythm & blues with the digital studio and carefully written political and amorous poetry, Raafbergpresents one of his last solo sets before the release of his double EP.
P E R S O N A L – T R A I N E R : Known to some as Full Body Massage, this Amsterdam based is to the indie music loving ear what Rolex is to Midde Eastern oil millionaires – a gem, able to thrill the entire body, without anybody really knowing why. Have their mysterious pealing treatment of distorted bliss inspire your sonic workout on this eventful Friday night.
L. Y. F O U L I D I S : Known to most people as the best cure for heartache or burnout, this Brussels based shaman of sampling and old school sound synthesis will take care of the rougher body work tonight. In his presence, you will be guaranteed to shake out every single barricade your subconscious has built in your body – interior and exterior. His clients include the Royal Houses of Nepal and Tasmania, the presidents of most developed nations, and, occasionally, Paul Simon (confidentially).
FEEL INVITED to cleanse your inner self on Friday the 14th, and celebrate a New You for a New Weekend.
There will be no New Moon, but this will be “Way Better”, says The Universe itself, when consulted on their landline (+1000100100010000). FYI.
We from – S O U L – S P A – look forward to seeing you and your loved ones. Namaste.

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Freitag, 14 September, 2018 - 20:00 bis Samstag, 15 September, 2018 - 20:00
Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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