De Muiterij Kollectiev of Bajesdorp

De Muiterij Kollectiev of Bajesdorp

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As of July 2021 our social centre 'De Muiterij' will be taken down to make space for our new-to-build freespace. In two years we will have our own, collective, autonomous, solidair and unselleable living/working space that will stay permanently. Till the building is finished we will organize events outdoors. Welcome to join!


In december 2018 we moved our social centre from the old place at Bajesdorp #20 into the so called 'directors villa' at #46. It is now ours, or should we say, everybody's. An inclusive, autonomous and non-commercial free space for meeting, organizing, sharing, socializing, working, eating, gardening, screen-printing, learning, creating... and for thinking and enacting solidarity. We have been rebuilding the place over the past months and it's in use again. This is our modest act of rebellion against the ongoing assaults of greed-driven control over the city and on our existences at large. This is our mutiny.

So welcome in "De Muiterij", the freshly inhabited social center located in Bajesdorp #46.

Any help and support to make it an even better hang-out for free'd up minds is welcome. We host The Guereilla Kitchen & Muiterij Folkskitchen on Tuesday's, Garden Day every Sunday (11-14h), Language Cafe (Thurs. 19h and on), Docu nights (usually on Sunday eve) and a range of different types of parties on Saturday.


  • bar/cafe
  • course/workshop
  • film
  • food
  • meeting
  • music/concert
  • party
  • theater
  • work space/diy

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De Muiterij - Vrijplaats Bajesdorp
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 46
1096AN Amsterdam


Metro station Spaklerweg. Neem de uitang aan de kant van de Wenckebachweg en buig direct na verlaten van het metrostation rechtsaf. Volg het avontuurlijke pad tussen spoordam en gevangenis tot in Bajesdorp (ca.5 min.)
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