Droit de Rester Neuchâtel

Droit de Rester Neuchâtel

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Droit de Rester Neuchâtel is an association born in autumn 2015. Its aim is to implement means of defending the right to stay for migrants who request it and who are politically committed to it. It also produces information for migrants in the Canton of Neuchâtel, as well as for the local population. It is independent of state institutions, political parties and religious organisations. Droit de Rester Neuchâtel is not a charity. We are a political association.

Every Saturday between 14:00 and 16:00, we hold a social and legal meeting. We work with women, men or young minors who, having had to flee their country, are confronted with a harsh reality, unfair laws and an administrative jungle. Today, in Switzerland, the laws governing asylum are hardened to such an extent that, in the name of solidarity or even simple common sense, civil disobedience has become necessary.

The association also organises two weekly French classes given by volunteer teachers. The programme of courses only needs to be expanded later on, with the aim of sharing the knowledge and skills of each individual rather than sticking to a "vertical" form of knowledge sharing. Every step towards the autonomy of migrants improves their lives.

Droit de Rester Neuchâtel takes part in specific events such as Refugee Day, the week of action against racism and the Multicultural Beach Soccer Tournament with other associations such as Migr'action, Bel Horizon or AMAR. It cultivates contacts with similar collectives in other cantons in order to exchange on our local struggles and build together actions at the national level.

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Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00: legal, administrative and political advice


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