Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair / Zagrebački anarhistički sajam knjiga

Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair / Zagrebački anarhistički sajam knjiga

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The first Anarchist Bookfair (ASK) took place in Zagreb from 18 till 20 march 2005. Then it was held each time in another city, Ljubljana (2003), Zagreb (2005), Sofia (2008), Thessaloniki (2009), Zrenjanin (2010), Skopje (2011), Ljubljana (2013), Mostar (2014), Zadar (2015) and Ionnina (2016).
A total of hundreds of publishers, groups and projects participated in the fairs, and during all the fairs we had several thousand visitors.
The Balkan Anarchist Bookfair continues to happen in Zagreb every year in the spring, as the ASK (Anarhistički sajam knjiga), to create the availability of free and related literature at the local level, but also to broaden the discussions that are being conducted within the movement.
The idea of the anarchist bookfair came from similar fairs in the world, a long tradition of existence, with thousands of visitors. The environments in which they were created represents an important place to meet, both on Local and international level.
That is why everyone's participation is important - come and support this manifestation that brings something different and its importance is precisely in the fact that it is based on the participation of all and solidarity as a basis of the changes we deem desirable.


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