Care Collective Forum

Sonntag 14 Januar

Care Collective Forum

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We’re meeting to discuss a possible new collective: the Care Collective! We’ll be sharing ideas and exploring whether we want to set up a new collective or working group and what this could look like.
Our preliminary ideas for a Care Collective/Group are that it should be responsible for:

providing a space for the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of all volunteers at DSFL (eg mental health check-ins, community meals/socials, body-positive and -inclusive physical therapy/dance/exercise sessions, queer- and trauma-inclusive community massage, etc)
continuing wider work at the space of fostering an environment where everyone feels mutually supported and able to prioritise their own health where necessary
possibly also offering wellbeing sessions to the wider community (eg affordable community massage, community meals/lunches/family days)

All members are invited to attend the forum and share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and suggestions! Help us find ways to further practice mutual care and support at DSFL ❤❤❤

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Sonntag, 14 Januar, 2018 - 13:00 bis 14:30
DIY Space for London
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DIY Space For London is a cooperatively-run social centre located in South London, just off Old Kent Road. We offer low cost creative facilities, meeting rooms and social space as well as space for screenings, talks and performances.

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