Remember: Revolution

Samstag, 21 Februar

Remember: Revolution

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To remember a defining moment when people chose to rise against injustice can be both euphoric and painful. For what we are left with is here and now in time and space, and which side seems to trump the status quo, regardless of its methods - no matter how twisted or a clear setback to the hopes of those who took to the streets. [...]
Screening tonight are 3 films:
- "1/2 Revolution" by director Omar Shargawi & Karim El Hakim: which chronicles the emotional rollercoaster a group of artist friends find themselves on at the onset of the Egyptian uprising in Jan and Feb 2011.
- "Falling into Oneself" by Islam Safiyyudin Mohamed: which represents the director's fear for what may become of women, and in fact Egypt itself, depending on who claims the reigns of power in the presidential elections of mid 2012.
- "Acapella" by Islam Safiyyudin Mohamed : a timely and timeless tale of humans realizing their true worth and rising together to find a better existence.
After the screening (90 minutes in total) there will be a talk with Islam Safiyyudin Mohamed, who is Berlin after showing Acapella in the Berlinale Forum Expanded program. Beer and water will be available, donations are welcome. [...]

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Samstag, 21 Februar, 2015 - 19:00


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