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Cro-Mags 2022 & 2023 epic summer tours took the band to over 100 shows in 16 countries, where they smashed through a setlist featuring songs from the entire Cro-Mags catalogue: from AoQ, Best Wishes, Alpha Omega, Revenge, In the Beginning and 2020. From club gigs to Hellfest, Metal Days and Rebellion Fest, Cro-Mags did not disappoint no matter the size of the venue.
Making it clear that Cro-Mags crosses from Punk to Hardcore to Thrash to Metal, Cro-Mags fans of all kinds came out in full effect in 2022/2023. 
With rythm Dominic DeBenedetto (Slapshot/Ramallah) and lead Hector Guzman a/k/a „Gooz“ and along with Gman on drums and Harley's infamous bass / vocal combo unlike anyother (besides Lemmy), "tight As Fuck" was the most heard description of what fans saw and experienced.
Oh, and Gman died ... litearlly in Parma, Italy- where his heart stoppped for 5 minutes in an ambulance, and was then resuciated, only to complete the last 7 shows of the tour just 5 days later!!! 
The band will hit head back into the studio to complete new music already underway later this month. 
2024 will see Cro-Mags new music, and some other surprises, along with an epic documentary deep in production about the life and times of Harley Flanagan, directed by critically acclaimed HBO/NETFLIX director/ cinematographer Rex Miller (Citizen Ashe, 2023). 

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Dienstag, 6 August, 2024 - 20:00


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6005 Luzern


Former squat, now legalised

Über den Dächern von Luzern, auf der Anhöhe des Rotsees steht er: der Sedel. Bis 1971 als Knast genutzt, proben heute über 100 Bands in den 54 Zellen. 1981 erkämpften sich junge Musikerinnen und Musiker das Gebäude.


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