Kinemma: "The Savages" + Dj Mobius Trip

Mittwoch, 29 März bis Donnerstag, 30 März

Kinemma: "The Savages" + Dj Mobius Trip

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The Savages is about the politics of elderly care in the U.S. In Lithuania sending elderly family members to a nursing home is generally looked down upon. In the US, on the other hand, it is the norm. The expansion of elderly homes and assisted living services has substantially affected the form of the family. Children are not given the task of keeping their aging parents around the house. This situation creates a certain independence from the family unit. The downside is, that these care facilities place the elderly and those that work for them in difficult situations. The Savages does a very nice job reflecting on these tensions.


The question is:


if we would neither like to see the expansion of the institution of the family (with all the repressive gender relations and dependency complexes that go with it) nor the commodification of care and the exploitation of those that do the caring in socialized market - what do we want? I guess the question is how you want to die? And how you want to see the politics of care operating for those that do die?


Please find attached a article Caring: a labor of stolen time, written by someone working in assisted living, for a more thorough reflection on such questions.


After movie - Dj Mobius Trips !

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Mittwoch, 29 März, 2017 - 21:00 bis Donnerstag, 30 März, 2017 - 02:00
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