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Mittwoch, 22 November

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What is Marxism? IV. Critique of political economy

We always meet on Wednesdays, 7pm, at Hedwig Dohm Haus, Ziegelstr. 4, HU Berlin.

The fetish character of the commodity is not a fact of consciousness; rather it is dialectical, in the eminent sense that it produces consciousness. . . . [P]erfection of the commodity character in a Hegelian self-consciousness inaugurates the explosion of its phantasmagoria.
— Theodor W. Adorno, letter to Walter Benjamin, August 2, 1935

Marx, selections from the Grundrisse (1857–61), pp. 222–226, 236–244, 247–250, 276–293 ME Reader pp. 276–281

Marx, Capital Vol. I, Ch. 1 Sec. 4 "The fetishism of commodities" (1867), pp. 319–329

+ Commodity form chart of terms

+ Capitalist contradiction chart of terms 

+ Organic composition of capital chart of terms 

+ Marx on surplus-value chart of terms

+ Being and becoming (freedom in transformation) / immanent dialectical critique chart of terms

You can find the whole syllabus here.

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Mittwoch, 22 November, 2023 - 19:00


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Hedwig Dohm Haus
Ziegelstraße 4


(S- und U-Bhf. Friedrichstraße)