Dienstags in der Linie: Filmabend mit Popcorn und Drinks

Dienstag, 21 November

Dienstags in der Linie: Filmabend mit Popcorn und Drinks

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Te project "Zauriak " (Wounds), is a documentary that deals with madness, discomfort and mental health from a feminist perspective. It tries to make visible the intersection between mental health/psycho-social suffering and gender experiences, through the reality of 9 women*. What is not named is not seen, and what is not seen does not exist.
This work aims to make visible the relationship between the processes of psychopathologisation and the gender condition and to question the imaginary around psycho-emotional discomfort/diagnosis/mental health through the narration of different real experiences, using artistic expressions such as narrative, illustration and poetry.
Vulnerability, care, discomfort, collectivity, limits, gender... How do we understand madness?

Original version (Spanish/Euskera) with English subtitles

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Dienstag, 21 November, 2023 - 19:00


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