International Whores Day Demonstation

Samstag, 3 Juni

International Whores Day Demonstation

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Hussies, whores, hookers, rent boys, paramours, harlots, dominas, and pro-subs! Brothel workers, strippers, escorts and sugar babies! We’re inventing all of you to this year’s INTERNATIONAL WHORESDAY DEMO!

And don’t be shy, allies! We want you there, too. We cannot be in this struggle alone. This demonstration welcomes the lovers, friends, families, partners, and allies of sex workers.

We’ll meet at Nollendorfplatz at 17.00, then strut, slut, and march our way through Schöneberg til we reach Rathaus Schöneberg, where we will break for a display of speeches and performances around 18.00. Our demo route & end-point is accessible to folks who use chairs. 

Our demonstration is making FOUR main demands: 

1. an end to the mandatory prostitute registration system across Germany, 

2. an end to banking discrimination against sex workers, 

3. fair participation and input in the study into the effectiveness of the Prostitutionschutzgesetzt, and 

4. effective police response to violence against street workers in Berlin, Schöneberg. 


This year's theme is “Canaries in the Coal Mine,” in recognition that oppressions faced by whores are like a canary’s warning-call to the rest of society. We can read our call to action on our website in several different languages, and also learn more about the organising group, SWAG, there as well. 


So, darlings…come, strut, and raise your voices with us on June 3rd for Sex Workers Rights! 

 Sex Worker Action Group(SWAG) 

Datum & Zeit: 

Samstag, 3 Juni, 2023 - 16:00


  • Aktion/Protest/Camp
U-Bhf. Nollendorfplatz