(A)-Tage Potsdam: Transformative Justice Workshop

Sonntag, 28 Mai

(A)-Tage Potsdam: Transformative Justice Workshop

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Transformative justice is a concept where we want to achieve a world without prisons and „punishment“

There are a lot of TJ groups but almost all of them have had / have their problems in the process – lets learn from eachother! 😉

In this workshop I will make a short introduction about TJ (what it is, how it works) and then talk with already existing and forming TJ groups about common difficulties / mistakes, good strategies, new ideas,…  – so we can exchange our experiences, learn new things and prepare us for TJ processes.

The goal of the workshop is to get better knowledge and to learn from each other, maybe form new groups or change the structure of already existing ones.

I am not a professional, so if you have more information (f.e. zines / articles / …)

The workshop will be in english and german and will take place at ‚la datscha‘ on the 28. of april.

Bring your groups, tell people who are interested!

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Sonntag, 28 Mai, 2023 - 15:00 bis 18:00


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  • Kurs/Workshop
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