DKC Sarajevo Soli BBQ

Samstag, 27 Mai

DKC Sarajevo Soli BBQ

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Come on out for a lovely afternoon of grilling and chilling with members of the Sarajevan DKC collective!

DKC is a collective consisting of a group of volunteers gathered around the idea of renovating and reviving abandoned city buildings and public spaces for the needs of the local community. The center serves as a meeting place for ideas based on the principle „for everyone, by everyone“ where we organize activities related to the promotion of countercultural practices and art. By occupying public buildings we serve as a contrast to the rampant privatisation ongoing in urban environments by creating inclusive centers tailored for the needs of the community.


This summer an international network of autonomous sociocultural centers will join forces and collectively help the local youth of Podgorica (Montenegro) in their efforts to create their own independent space. The idea for the international solidarity project started in 2015, when Belgium based NGO ‘Toestand’ were invited to Kremenčuk (Ukraine) to help the locals to turn an abandon building into an independent youth center. The project continued and expanded every year since then, and currently counts 130 volunteers coming from five countries (Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Belgium). As in the previous years, local youth together with the international volunteers will transform a neglected building into a non-commercial space of free expression and experimentation. The project aims to empower existing local initiatives and create an inclusive environment that welcomes various activities beneficial for the local community.

Start at 18:00 with a presentation and info talk by members of DKC Sarajevo

Continues with delicious BBQ, delicious music and delicious solicocktails

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Samstag, 27 Mai, 2023 - 18:00


  • Diskussion/Vortrag
  • Essen
  • Treffen
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