Global Debt drives Global Heating, Climate-Strike, Bike-protest

Freitag, 24 Juni

Global Debt drives Global Heating, Climate-Strike, Bike-protest

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Friday 24.06. 13:00, Invalidenpark

Next week the G7-meeting will take place on castle Elmau (26.06.-28.06.).

The governments from some of the most powerful countries in the world are meeting here. They often act as if they could decide about the fate of the world. But does G7 has any legitimacy?

In the contrary: They weaken legitimate international organizations. They want to be – as Scholz proclaims – „pioneers for climate-neutral economies and a fairer world” but too often it is themselves with their actions and inactions who encourage social injustices, the growing inequality, the division of societies, ecological crisis and militarization. They too often make politics that mostly help the interests of the powerful.

Because of this were going on a bike tour next week shortly before their meeting. We will visit some institutions on the way (ministries of economy, climate-protection and finance, federal bank of Germany) to hand them a few demands (i.a. the demands from Debt4Climate). DebtForClimate is a global movement calling for colonial reparations, loss and damage, and the cancellation of the international debts that impoverished nations have with institutions like IMF and world bank.

The movement is led by people in the global south and demands that the richest countries of the Global North begin to pay their ecological debt. This encompasses the demands for reparations, loss and damage, the cancellation of the international debts of impoverished nations (i.e. with World bank and IWF) and climate finance which must not come in the form of loans but as interest-free payments.The movement is connecting social- and climate-justice struggles by bringing together worker-initiatives as well as social and environmental initiatives behind a common goal which is the cancelation of the debts of impoverished nations so they can afford to finance a just transition o their economies and leave the remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

In the past those debts have often been used against the interests of the nations and the people of the global south. For example IMW and world bank have used them to push for deregulation, privatization and marketization in those countries. Local people and economies usually suffer the most from this. They’ve forced countries into austerity which is an euphemism for poverty. It is overdue for this to stop.

On the route we will listen to great music and cars honking and perhaps we’ll do a picnic afterwards (so bring some snacks).


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Freitag, 24 Juni, 2022 - 13:00 bis 16:00


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