Anarchist Discussion: How does utopia advantage or disadvantage anarchism?

Freitag, 24 Juni

Anarchist Discussion: How does utopia advantage or disadvantage anarchism?

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Greetings everyone!

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Today we aim to discuss a few dimensions around the question: "How does utopia advantage or disadvantage anarchism?" We want to be concrete, but also generalize in the following two ways:

  • How does the vision of a utopia motivate anarchists? Is it a problem that realistically, utopia can never be achieved? Or does that really matter? Is utopia still a motivating vision for anarchists to act by installing such utopic systems like communes, collectives, or syndicates, occupations, and so forth?
  • How has anarchist action been implemented in Berlin in the past, what are some examples of direct action or radical implementations in Berlin today, and what could we do to act in the future? What does our anarchist utopia look like in Berlin and perhaps more generally?

We have yet to recommend a greater breadth of material - if you know any please suggest them in the comments, of all media, text, visual, audio, and so forth, of publications, movements, or anything else related - but we include to help us get started a few contemporary essays by Peter Gelderloos:

What did we do last time? We discussed why there are so few anarchists in the world today, as it seems.

In the future? We aren't sure! We usually decide on this during the preceding discussion. All ideas are welcome.

Remember to look for my book/tablet! I'll be sitting with it reading.

The description will be updated as suggested sources and ideas come in.

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Freitag, 24 Juni, 2022 - 19:00


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