Nacho Movie Night

Sonntag, 16 August

Nacho Movie Night

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Continuing our threepart movie series „Going Through Changes“ we show the Turkish-French drama film „Mustang“ (Deniz Gamze Ergüven, 2015, Turk.+Engl. Subs) about the lives of five young orphaned sisters in a remote Turkish village and the challenges they face growing up as girls in a conservative society.

We offer drinks and Nachos with vegan dips for a fee of your own choice – money goes to Solidarity Rooms. Doors open at 7pm, the movie starts on time at 7.30pm. Seats with distance. Smoke-free and open windows. Please let us know beforehand if you want to come so we can plan with a number of people:

20.09.: „Moonlight“ (2016)

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Sonntag, 16 August, 2020 - 19:00


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Brauni 53/55
Braunschweigerstr. 53/55
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1. Mo 19:00 Snack Attack Küfa
2. Mi 19:00 Offenes Plenum
3. So 19:00 Nacho Movie Night (Filmbeginn 19:30)