PEPP - Perverse Emancipatory Play Party

Freitag, 3 April bis Samstag, 4 April

PEPP - Perverse Emancipatory Play Party

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queer & radical bdsm techno soliparty

BDSM soli-play party
Friday, 3.4.2020 at Schwester Martha, Bethaniendamm 28, door opens 9 pm closes 6 am. Party goes on until 5 am.

Open to all genders and sexual orientations. Welcome queer and radical BDSM perverts!

Our vision is to create a space for BDSM kinksters united by emancipatory behaviour. We are fighting for a society that genuinely values and empowers each individual in their uniqueness and needs. Only consensual interaction is acceptable.

We have a play room and a sex-swing, a dark room, a dancefloor with a bar. We will have dirty drinks for the thirsty and screen queer bdsm porn for the cinephiles. And present a kinky performance for you. We will also be hosting a safer sex and safer use table.

Express your kinks and fetishes! Leave your streetwear behind. No military or police uniforms. Confront your shame and overcome your taboos!

This time all the left over money from the bar and entrance goes to the Trans-House in Argentina.

We will introduce you to our awareness team and concept. If you feel uncomfortable during the party, you can reach out to us. Contact the bar/door or look for those with pink awareness hats.

We aim to create an atmosphere that emphasizes a high sensitivity to one another's needs and desires.
So: All you beautiful pervelicious kinkies come on in – creepy abusive predators stay away!


The door is still broken so we cant use the new wheelchair-ramp. We're verry sorry!

Feel free to write us an email for more information.

The playroom and the hallway are smoking free areas! But the dancefloor is not.

Play and Hygiene
This is a D.I.Y. Party. We cant offer the same standards as a professional BDSM studio or club but try to do the best we can. Please mind the following things:

  • The "Darkroom" usually not a playroom
  • Please use the provided trash bins
  • Please clean up after your session with the provided wipes and cleaning spray
  • hygiene standard for needle play might be a bitt difficult. Also please ask the sourinding people if they feel comfortable with needle play near them and dispose of needles carefully if you do decide to use needles.
  • If you come naked bring a towel :)

If you want to get in contact with us in advance, email us to
you can find our pgp-key on keyservers.

Camille - t.b.a.


Datum & Zeit: 

Freitag, 3 April, 2020 - 21:00 bis Samstag, 4 April, 2020 - 06:00


  • Musik/Konzert
  • Party


  • queer
Schwester Martha (Ex-RXXXhhaus)
Mariannenplatz 1A
10997 Berlin


(U-Bhf. Görlitzer Bahnhof, Kottbuser Tor


Former squat, now legalised


  • Kneipe/Café / Essen / Musik/Konzert / Party

Öffnungszeiten : 

Do 19:30 Plenum (auch Raumanfragen)
Mi 19:05 Küfa + Tresen im Rauchhauskeller (Eingang Bethaniendamm)