Icelandic Hardcore

Samstag, 15 Februar

Icelandic Hardcore

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Norðanpaunk Export Iceland presents, in collaboration with K19

Icelandic Hardcore

Dead Herring

Three extraordinary bands from the vibrant icelandic underground scene. Having emerged from the fishing village Akranes (SW Iceland) Gaddavír has become one of the flagbearers of icelandic hardcore. D-Beat, raging riffs and a frontman with mental issues. What more do you want? Well of course you want more. You want social justice, an end to the climate crisis and to get rid of corrupt politicians.
Dead Herring is at the cutting edge of the musical evolution. Featuring the most intence icelandic drummer alive, raging riffs and a female vocalist that sounds like three people screaming at once. No they don´t need a bassist, When you see them you will know why. Don´t miss this! 
At Norðanpaunk 2019 something special happened: Between shows on the main-stage members of AAIIEENN and Gaddavír took their chance and snuck unto the hallway to performed an improvised Stjáni vs Hlammi 10 minute set. The show was a hit and the crowd screamed for more. GÓÐxÆRI was born. Digital Hardcore from Iceland.  


Norðanpaunk Export is dedicated to bringing excellent bands, who have performed at the Norðanpaunk Festival in Iceland, to a broader audience in mainland Europe

Door 20:00
Start 21:00

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Samstag, 15 Februar, 2020 - 20:00


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Mo 20:00 SONED-Abend, Weltküche
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