Soli-Cocktails for the 2 antifascists in Greece

Freitag, 10 Januar

Soli-Cocktails for the 2 antifascists in Greece

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On 1.11.2019 an arson attack took place at the Golden Dawn’s central office, as a result of this action a lot of damages were caused to the second floor, where, among other things, the political office of the G.D’s General secretary was housed. This fact was the reason to begin an expedition of targeting and prosecuting combatants of the antifascist movement.

An expedition which culminated with the arrests of two combatants and the machinations of the police, which pursued against them, aiming to their detention. The two Antifascists in order to avoid custody have to visit the police station of their region four times per month and to pay a bail of 15.000€ each (total: 30.000 €) until 17/1/2020.

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Freitag, 10 Januar, 2020 - 21:00


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