Soly event for Argentina!

Samstag, 2 März

Soly event for Argentina!

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Soly event for Argentina!
Vegan lentil stew + fernet with coke
Dj Bachita - Cumbiaton and merengazo @babimbu
Film screening
Sustainable clothing stand by @paseo030
Clothing stand - Food stand - Fanzines and print stand.

NewYorck im Bethanien, Marielle-Franco-Platz 2A (Mariannenplatz 2 A)
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Two months ago, the neoliberal and neo-fascist Javier Milei became President of Argentina. The adjustment policies against the people were not long in coming. The disgusting and repugnant president applied tariff hikes; bus and train fares increased by 45%. They repealed the rent law, and in December prices rose 18.6% monthly. Private health care increased between 70% and 82%. In fuels, the increase exceeds 70%.
Among the most fascist measures of their agenda, the Minister of INhuman Capital, Sandra Pettovello, cut the provision of food to soup kitchens. Thus leaving more than 40,000 soup kitchens all over the country without food and millions of children without food.
It is not possible to adjust with the hunger of the people! That is why we are organizing from Berlin!

We invite you to participate and also tell you what we are in need of!
To contribute at the fanzine stand contact
To contribute with clothes, pls contact @florgaillour
To everything else you want to help, know or donate with @fluye.lava

The money raised will go to the organization “Amigues por las calles” @amiguesporlascalles. They are in charge of feeding people in street situations and also give psychological support.
We invite you to participate =)

No act of fascism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism or any kind of discrimination will be allowed.
The people who organized the event, we are in favor of the liberation of Palestine.

Thank you @fisionciruja for your drawings!!!!!
Amaizing flyer design by @roma_r.o.m.a

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Samstag, 2 März, 2024 - 19:00 bis 23:00


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Mariannenplatz 2A
10997 Berlin


Die Räume liegen im ersten Stock und sind über eine Treppe zu erreichen. Ein Fahrstuhl ist über einen anderen Gebäudeteil auch nutzbar, aber leider nur in Begleitung von einer Person aus dem Haus. Räume und WC sind barrierearm.


Former squat, now legalised



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