Documentary: Mayor (David Osit, 2020)

Čtvrtek, 30 Červen

Documentary: Mayor (David Osit, 2020)

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'Mayor' is a documentary film released in 2020 which follows Musa Hadid, the mayor of the de-facto capital of Palestine (Ramallah) for two years in his endeavor of addressing palestinian people's issues.

The movie makes an essential viewing out of ones politician's quest to preserve dignity in the midst of bureaucracy, providing a lively picture of life in Ramallah, a modern land where KFC and other marks of American capitalism have a presence. Surrounded by threatening Israeli settlements and limited in the use of their own land (Israel won’t allow them to build a sewage plant), locals, Hadid included, feel suffocated but never defeated. The filmmaker often captures the mayor from behind, looking out into his domain, not saying much but undoubtedly thinking about the people that rely on him.

The movie will be screened with English subtitles.

At the end of it there will be an informal discussion to talk about the contents of it and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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Čtvrtek, 30 Červen, 2022 - 19:00


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