Interkiezionale call for participation at the Fight Repression – United We Stand! Demo

Sobota, 28 Listopad

Interkiezionale call for participation at the Fight Repression – United We Stand! Demo

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In July 2017, tens of thousands of people took the streets of Hamburg, to protest against the G20 summit, the meeting of the twenty most powerful states in the world,

In spite of organized repression and massive riot police presence in the streets, people manage to show their presence, they answered police assaults, they made different kinds of actions.

The repression following the G20 summit against people who fight is huge. As a result, on Thursday 3d December 2020, Rondenbarg trial will begin , with a series of several proceedings against a total of more than 85 defendants accused of collective serious breach of the peace, dangerous bodily injury, resistance to and assault of law enforcement officers, damage to property and formation of armed groups in the demonstration against the G20 summit. The five youngest activists* are the first to be dragged before the Hamburg Regional Court. The argumentation of the public prosecutor's office to be held liable for mere presence is an attack on the freedom of assembly of all. Because of their age, they were under 18 at the time, no public is allowed in the courtroom. Let's pressure them outside the court, out in the streets !

As Interkiezionale, we attend this call for Fight Repression – United We Stand! demo on the 28th November and we, in turn, call  people to participate !

In solidarity with every repressed person.

No one left alone in the hands of state.

Against their justice systems and all prisons.


Samstag | 28. November 2020 | 15 Uhr | Spreewaldplatz | Berlin




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Sobota, 28 Listopad, 2020 - 12:15


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Spreewaldplatz (Kreuzberg)