Tattoos Against Fortress Europe 001

Sobota, 19 Březen

Tattoos Against Fortress Europe 001

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Welcome to the first edition of Tattoos Against Fortress Europe. It is gonna be a day and a night focused on tattoos and body modification. We warmly welcome you to come get tattooed, all funds will directly support organisations and No Borders Crews actively working at European borders to help refugees, WHEREVER THEY COME FROM. The only war we support is the war AGAINST IMPERIALISM AND NATIONALISM.

–––––TATTOOISTS [from 15 to 00] : ––––––––––
Lukynda [Anarcho tattoos]
Eina [fanciest tattoo girrrl in town]
Monre [punk and geometric tattoos]
RiotLife [body art, piercings]
If you want to get tattooed, you will find portfolios of our artists at the entrance. Or if you already have an idea, you can also order a tattoo from any artist by writing us a message. If not, you can also get a drunk tattoo and a lot of regrets.

–––––DJs : [from 21h]––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
DJ Elza [hip hop and more]
DJ Hrubian [legendary discoterror]

HAIRSTYLIN' : Get pretty for the dance floor and make your mommy proud.
FOOD 'N' DRINKS : Vegan fast-food on donation, soft drinks and rivers of beers.
INFOSHOP : Our friends from Balkan Solidarity Network will run a table to get you informed about the situation on the borders. Hit 'em 'up
SCREENPRINTIN' : Bring your fanciest clothes, tableclothes, panties or whatever and pimp em up

Entry on donation.

That's all folks. Bring your coolest friends and leave racists sexist and idiots home. Support refugees and leave no one behind. Lets break borders and imperialism together.

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Sobota, 19 Březen, 2022 - 14:00

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Tusarova 41
17000 Prague
Česká republika

Zdena je komunitní prostor v Holešovicích, vedený kolektivem lidí, jež se snaží najít alternativu ke komerčním podnikům a klubům.


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