CSOA El Taller

CSOA El Taller

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El Taller is an open space for everybody with creative ideas without commercial or profit-orientated aim. If you want to participate in any activity or propose something you can speak with us directly on from wednesday to saturday from 21.30-01.00h or write an email to this address. Any proposals are welcome. The activities are for free, but we are trying to give conscience about autogestion. This means that we do not depend from any institution but only from ourself. Every voluntary donation to maintain the space, buy materials, make more activities, etc. is welcome.
⁃ there is the possibility to do screenprinting and print clothes with already prepared images or with your owns. if you want to use it please inform us in advance directly in ***el taller*** or write an email. don't worry if you never made screenprinting, somebody of the house will help and explain you how it works.
⁃ We have a Free Shop that is open from wednesday to saturday from 21.30h to 01.00h

CSOA El Taller
Calle Lepanto, 64


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