42 avenue de la Couronne

42 avenue de la Couronne

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Since the end of January 2024, occupation of a former retirement home at 42 avenue de la Couronne in Ixelles. The building had been empty for several months, now it houses 80 people, including 30 children, with housing difficulties, asylum seekers, undocumented people.
On Friday, March 8, 2024, we (Rockin' Squat) received an eviction notice, which informs us of an eviction that will take place on March 19 from 8 am, and in the following days. At this stage, FEDASIL, the new tenant, refuses to sign any temporary occupancy, in a building that will remain empty for the next 6 months, even though it is rented with public money, in short, your taxes. We find it unacceptable that people are being thrown out on the street at the same time as a lot of public money is being thrown out the window for a federal institution that is not fulfilling its functions.


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42, avenue de la Couronne, Ixelles - Kroonlaan 42, Elsene


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