Online presentation: Food Waste 101

dimecres, 2 desembre

Online presentation: Food Waste 101

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🌶 🍆 Food Waste 101: Eat trash and feed the masses! 🍅 🥦


In a world where large scale industrial agriculture is degrading the Earth’s resources and millions of people are going hungry, the reclaiming of wasted food from full containers is a forceful symbolic and political act against the environmental degradation and social injustices created by overproduction and a system based on profit and growth.

In this Food Waste 101 presentation, we will narrow it down to the Dutch context: how much food is wasted, why is it wasted and, most importantly, how can we save food from being thrown in the garbage and feed yourself and many others?

Furthermore, we will discuss some of the initiatives and collectives in the Netherlands that fight food waste and give you some tips on how to save food yourself (and never buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket ever again).

This event will be online, information on how to join will be given on closer to the day of the presentation! 

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dimecres, 2 desembre, 2020 - 20:30


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