Kraakspreekuur Utrecht

Kraakspreekuur Utrecht

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Squatting info hour

(all you ever wanted to know about squatting)

In Utrecht it's very difficult to find a house. Rents are getting higher and higher, and social housing is disappearing. But don't worry, there is an alternative!


Try squatting!


But it's hard to just start squatting. Where do you begin? How does it work? And, isn't squatting illegal?

That's why the KSU-Utrecht is there. We can help you out, tell you all the ins 'n outs about squatting, provide information about the laws, answer the questions you always wanted to ask or you can just have a little chat.


Every Friday you are welcome at the kraakspreekuur (squatting info hour). You can meet and talk with other squatters, or others that are looking for a house!


Can't wait until Friday, or can't be there? Send an e-mail to: and we will try to answer your questions

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Every Friday from 18:00


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