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A space made FOR queers BY queers because we are fed up by the cis-hetero dominated spaces in Oslo - so we have decided to make our own space. MAKS! QUEER is every wednesday at MaksiTaksi, no obnoxious cis-hetero attitudes will be accepted. And if they try to invade us, they will be kicked out.

MAKS! QUEER creates a safer space where younger queers (ages 16-35) can meet up and have a good time. Friends of all ages may join when invited, if they do not dominate the space and are prepared to leave without discussion when asked to do so.

We have different ideas about events we plan to host, and this can grow organically. Events may include concerts, moviescreenings, poetry nights, perfomance and so on. BUT nonetheless, it will be a QUEER focus every time, because everywhere and everything else is automatically cis-hetero dominated.

QueerLove from
the queers at MaksiTaksi collective


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St. Olavs Gate 23
0166 Oslo
There are no upcoming events.